Solutions for Non-Profits

Intellelectual Property Development and Implementation

Clients and Professional Relationships

Throughout his career, William Archer has used his engineering skills to develop learning solutions and technical documentation for various Non Profit Organizations.


  • Kinetic Community Development Network (Coming Soon)
    • Vertical Industry Solution for Member, Volunteer and Project Management
    • Peer to Peer Organization and Social Relationship Management
    • Printing, Video and Audio Services to Organizations and Their Members
  • ORCA Foundation (2008-Present)
    • Foundation For Oceanic Research, Conservation and Awareness
    • Primary Services - Volunteer Conservation Programs And Educational Program Development
    • Developed Vertical Industry Solution for Volunteer, Member and Project Management
    • Developing Business Relationships and Managed Volunteer and Campaign Support
    • Delivering Training Seminars For Agencies and Volunteers
    • Creating Volunteer Reference Materials, FAQ and Interactive Help
    • Providing Printing, Video and Audio Services to Agency Members
  • Habitat For Humanity (2004-Present)
    • Hands-On Construction Volunteer
  • Voices Of Inspiration (2005)
    • Created Website and Interactive Promotional Materials Pro Bono
    • Delivered Online Marketing Consulation Pro Bono
  • Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (1988-1990)
    • Managed Territory Oversight and Coordinated Volunteers
    • Trained Volunteers on Methods and Presentation Skills
    • Raised money door to door for important environmental campaings.


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